Try Brown Smokey Eyes For Your Next Makeup Look

Your eye makeup says so much about your style

Let us help you to indulge the next person in your beautiful eyes!

You have many options to standout your eyes with matte, shimmer or metallic looks but today we are sharing a complete tutorial for a flawless brown smokey eyes makeup.

The brown smokey eyes are suitable for all age groups & skin tones, so follow this universal style eye makeup with these easy steps:

Getting started with a Light Eye Base Shadow:

For brown smokey eyes, you need to select three shades of brown (not the 50 shades of grey 🙂 )

The rule to remember here for any smokey eyes makeup is “LMD”:

Lighter, Medium & Darker (with a similar hue)

Begin with applying a lighter shade at the inside corner of your eyelid. Use a fine eyeshadow brush for this task. Do apply a concealer & primer for a long lasting result.

Moving on to Medium Eye Base Shadow:

Use the medium shade of brown color & apply in all over your lid. Use a brush to blend it perfectly with the lighter tone. There are incredible options for you to choose from brown eyeshadow series. Many come in shimmery, matte or metallic texture but for smokey eyes, a matte or creamy texture is always recommended.

Applying the Darker Hue & Eyeliner:

Lastly, take a darker hue of brown & apply to the outer corner of your eyes. This needs to be done very carefully & within the crease of your eyes.  Some people also use a tape to make a perfect triangular corner of their eyes. Lastly, blend the darker corners with the lighter hues to prevent any harsh lines & apply eyeliner close to your lash lines.  We recommend applying a waterproof or creamy eyeliner rather than an eye pencil. This is the most effective way of enhancing your eye makeup look.

Don’t forget the Mascara!

You are all done now but have you noticed your lashes bowing down? Give them a standing look by applying mascara. This will give your eyes a stunning appeal just like a pro!


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