Instant solution for baldness- Full Lace Front Wigs

Are you finding an instant solution for your baldness or just want to transform your looks?   

We will give a perfect guidance helping you to apply full lace front wigs in a way that looks natural and seamless with your hairline. It is quite an easy task if done appropriately.

Why is full lace front wig so important for some people?

We are already familiar with a woman’s emotional bond with her hairs. But sometimes tragedies in life such as cancer treatments may lose her self-confidence. Wigs play a tremendous part in regaining their self- confidence due to dramatic hair loss in cancer treatments.

Here is step by step guide you need to follow for applying full lace front wigs:

Flatten your hairs for a perfect blend:

It is highly recommended to lay your hairs flat so that the wig doesn’t sit too high on your head otherwise it may give an artificial or fake hair looks. If you have short hairs, they can easily be tied by using hair bob pins. For longer hairs, it is advisable to tie your hairs in a low ponytail and then wrap them straight using hair pins.

Putting on Stocking/ Wig Cap:

Stocking cap allows you to hide all your hairs inside this soft cap. If you do not want to wear this cap, it is important to comb your hairs in a backward position from scalp line to avoid people catching your hair secret.

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Trimming the lace:

If you are using your full lace front wigs for the first time, you will have to trim the lace on the full wig but as the products get updated day by day, it has become less likely that you have to do so. Many manufacturers now offer already trimmed full lace front wings. The front lace allows you to experiment with your hairstyles in a more realistic way.

Cleaning your hairline:

It is really very important to clean your hairline to eliminate any body oils; it may prevent the wig tape or glue from sticking. You can damp a cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt impurities or body oil from your hairline. If you have a highly sensitive skin, it is advisable to use a scalp protector to avoid any reaction or allergies.

Applying wig adhesive to your hairline:

This step is a bit technical but quite easy. You have to apply a thin layer of wig adhesive by using a cotton swab on your scalp. It is very important to leave the adhesive to dry before putting on the wig.

You can also use a wig tape for this purpose. It entirely depends on your choice. For a wig tape, you have to cut it into smaller 7-10 pieces depending on your scalp size. Use a mirror to create an even hairline by using wig tapes.


Putting on full lace front wig:

You are almost there! Now you have to put on your wig by adjusting it perfectly with your hairline. The full lace front wig needs to be accurately aligned with your natural hairline; it is, in fact, a key secret for displaying a natural hair look with your frontal lace wig. Just follow these steps and you will be surprised to see that nobody is being able to tell the real difference!

Lastly, it is very important to understand that low-quality wigs are easily spotted; you have to choose the best quality wigs to fool anyone.

“You have to have fun with hair. It’s a great accessory-play with it”

                                                                                             Serge Normant

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