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  • The Allure of Velvet Outfits This Winter

    ‘Life is too short to wear boring clothes” Are you scrambling around to find the finest outfits for this winter? Do you want to become a style pro for this Christmas? So, the season is welcoming you with incredible velvet outfits! Velvet is a luxurious warm fabric used specifically to cope up with the frostbite. […]

  • Charcoal Toothpaste-Does it really works?

    “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond’ Charcoal toothpaste is another beauty product that is most widely demanded over the last couple of years. Sounds strange, but the black powder actually works for whitening your pale teeth. The key point to remember here is that the charcoal used in beauty […]

  • LED Eye Lashes: Is it going to be a Future Fashion?

    “The eyes shout what lips fear to say” By William Henry  Fake eyelashes are already in our lives from decades with different shapes, styles, lengths & densities. But have you ever heard about LED eyelashes that are gradually attracting fashion designers for their upcoming runway displays? If not, here is all the information you need […]

  • 3 effective ways to lose weight naturally

    “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” Here comes the season of bloom & gloom, a perfect season to lose your stubborn fat. Many people look for a quick fix to lose weight but remember no shortcuts are applied here. But If you are determined to get rid of that extra flab […]

  • Obsession For Paris Fashion Week (Part-2)

    Memories from Paris Fashion Week continue to admire fashion industry till present. Here we analyze the top brand’s collection that still takes our breaths away… LOUIS VUITTON’S FUNKY, EDGY & COOL WARDROBE: “I didn’t want to do a theme or a story or be very dramatic. I have the vision of Vuitton as multiple propositions…it […]

  • Memories From Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 (Part-1)

    Paris Fashion Week owned its environment by diversifying collection of terrific designers.  The dazzling week ended perfectly by bringing lavishing designs into evergreen trends. Today I would like to share those memories of Paris Fashion week that introduced fashion trends that are still followed. Do you remember those best costumes from the Paris Fashion Week […]

  • Elegance in Kate Middleton’s Styles

    Duchess of Cambridge is surely an inspiration for her elegant styles with a perfect physique. Many women wonder how she could be so perfect being a mother of three. But the fact is that she belongs to a royal family who is surrounded by so many makeup artists, fashion designers & top-notch photographers and most […]

  • Top Spring/summer Street Styles

    “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe With the dawn of spring equinox, everybody is looking for some fresher looks to bloom like flowers but what makes them redefined is only with their confident looks. Here I am going to share some top new street styles for […]

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