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  • Instant solution for baldness- Full Lace Front Wigs

    Are you finding an instant solution for your baldness or just want to transform your looks?    We will give a perfect guidance helping you to apply full lace front wigs in a way that looks natural and seamless with your hairline. It is quite an easy task if done appropriately. Why is full lace […]

  • Obsession For Paris Fashion Week (Part-2)

    Memories from Paris Fashion Week continue to admire fashion industry till present. Here we analyze the top brand’s collection that still takes our breaths away… LOUIS VUITTON’S FUNKY, EDGY & COOL WARDROBE: “I didn’t want to do a theme or a story or be very dramatic. I have the vision of Vuitton as multiple propositions…it […]

  • Memories From Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 (Part-1)

    Paris Fashion Week owned its environment by diversifying collection of terrific designers.  The dazzling week ended perfectly by bringing lavishing designs into evergreen trends. Today I would like to share those memories of Paris Fashion week that introduced fashion trends that are still followed. Do you remember those best costumes from the Paris Fashion Week […]

  • What Your Nails Say About Your Health

     Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement You might have never thought about how nails indicate the overall status of your health. For instance, people may notice dried or cracked nails while others come across a touch of white spots or bumps on their nails. For […]

  • Elegance in Kate Middleton’s Styles

    Duchess of Cambridge is surely an inspiration for her elegant styles with a perfect physique. Many women wonder how she could be so perfect being a mother of three. But the fact is that she belongs to a royal family who is surrounded by so many makeup artists, fashion designers & top-notch photographers and most […]

  • How to: Get rid of large pores on your face

    Are you worried about those enlarged open pores on your face? Do they look weird & unhealthy? Don’t panic. Nothing is impossible in this world! You just need to go an extra mile to achieve what you want. If we talk about those Large Pores on your face, they are surely the neglected version of […]

  • Get to know about color correcting concealers

    Conceal literally means not allow things to be seen & here comes the concept of Concealers; a flesh-toned cosmetic stick that is capable of hiding all the spots, dark circles & even blemishes on your face. Concealers are always applied to your face before putting on your makeup base, so it’s really important to understand […]